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I have two great hobbies that consume a large part of my time - Genealogy and writing Webpages. I publish web sites and call my little endeavor ADDLAMB Webpage Design.

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My Genealogy Pages:
My Weaver Family
Anstine Family
Beheler Family
Beheler Orphans
of Dubois, Co., IN
Here are some surnames we are connected to and have information on:
Ed's Paternal Side
BEHELER - Franklin Co., VA > Smith & Sumner Cos., TN > Allen Co., KY > Ohio, McLean, Henderson Cos., KY > Vanderburg and Howard Cos., IN   EADES/EADS/EDDS - Amherst Co, VA > Stokes Co, NC > Jefferson & Switzerland Cos, IN > anyplace they felt like going (They moved a lot!) including Tipton, Howard, & Posey Cos, IN & Gallatin Co, IL   McCLARY - Albemarle Co, VA > Allen Co, KY
TRUSTY - Wilkes Co, NC > White Co, IL   HANCOCK - VA > Oldham Co, KY > McLean Co, KY   MUSTER - Holland > NY > Philadelphia > Baltimore > Woodford Co, KY > Oldham > McLean Cos, KY

Ed's Maternal Side
STOREY - Madison Co, VA   SMILEY - TN > Boone Co, IN   BERRY - Madison Co, VA
WEISENAUER - Bavaria > Crawford & Seneca Cos, OH to Howard Co, IN   SAUL - Germany > PA > Franklin, Seneca, & Fairfield Cos, OH > Howard Co, IN   NORTHCUTT - KY > Rush Co, IN > Hendricks Co, IN > Boone Co., IN

Ed's (maternal) & Deb's (paternal) shared lines
SMITH - Orange, Culpepper & Madison Cos, VA > Jefferson Co, KY > Howard Co, IN   GARR - Bavaria > Culpepper & Madison Cos, VA > Jefferson Co, KY > Howard Co, IN

Deb's Paternal Side
DeMOTTE - NY > Bergan Co, NJ > Mercer Co, KY, > Pike, Dubois & Daviess Co, IN   ANDERSON - PA > Bourbon Co, KY > Dubois Co, IN  
VEST - VA > Greene, Owen & Daviess Cos, IN Vest Genealogy   WINSLOW - Quakers from Pasquotank, Perquimans, Guillford & Randolph Co, NC > IN /   PARSONS & PATTERSON - NC > Daviess Co, IN

Deb's Maternal Side
WEAVER - Switzerland > Somerset & Berks Cos, PA > Holmes Co, OH > Miami & Howard Cos, IN   HARNESS - Holland > Hampshire Co, WV > Fayette Co, OH > IL > Boone, Carroll, Cass & Howard Cos, IN   POLK - Botetourt Co, VA > Carroll & Howard Cos, IN
RIOTH - Alsace Loraine? > Wayne & Cass Cos, IN > Howard Co, IN   BRUBAKER, FRANTZ - Lancaster PA > Franklin & Botetourt Cos, VA > Wabash Co, IN   ANSTINE - York Co, PA > Wayne Co, IN > Wabash & Miami Cos, IN

Some of my favorite Genealogy Links:
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Debby Beheler / Kokomo, Indiana / dbeheler@gmail.com

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