Web packages and Pricing

Are you feeling left out when acquaintances talk about using the web for planning trips, reference, & finding services & products?

Does your business need a presence on the Internet?

Let us put your organization’s brochure online for as little as $300 for 2 years.

We can redesign your brochure for web browsing.

We can create a plan to meet your needs.

  • Your Logo - client supplied
  • Equivalent to one 2-sided brochure (8 ˝" X 11"), text & graphics (up to 6)
  • Unique domain names are extra
  • Custom webpage design
  • Business/Organization contact information
  • Link to existing e-mail address
  • Submission to major search engines
  • Static site - updates extra

    Personalized domain name website hosted - $350 - 2 years - $150 down with balance paid on completion.

  • All of the above
  • Up to 5 pages of text and graphics
  • Company/Organization history, background, biographies
  • Links to other related internet sites
  • Bi-annual updates included
    $400 prepaid 2 years

  • Your company’s catalog converted to html from your IBM compatible computer disk or input by our staff.
  • Prices vary according to catalog size and frequency of revisions.

  • All items included in Brochure Plan and Brochure Plus
  • Monthly Updates
  • Custom graphics design
  • Client provided photographs
  • Recommended for businesses with new specials from time to time, ex. florist running seasonal specials, retail coupon specials

    Personalized Domain Name, hosted - $1000 - 2 years prepaid

  • All items included in Deluxe Plan
  • Weekly Updates
  • Recommended for frequently updated pages, such as, Weekly Store Ads, Automobile Sales or Real Estate Sales, with photographs.

    Personalized Domain Name, hosted - $2400 - 2 years monthly prepaid

  • Web design to meet your business needs

    Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a “domain name” ?
    Each url has a domain name, such as “aol.com”, netusa1.net, comcast.net, mcdonalds.com, and thousands of others. Each website has it’s own domain name, and you may purchase available domain names.

    You can purchase a domain name (dependent on availability).

    fictional examples:



  • What shall I bring (or send) to my appointment?

    Photographs, advertising, logos, brochures, a write up on what you would like published about your business on the internet. Include things like specialties, product line, years in business, degrees, location, list of memberships in professional or trade organizations & logos for them, contact information & 50% down payment.

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