7 Sept 2000; Pete's Run Photos

7 September 2000; Pete's Run Photos

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Ed and I returned to Pete's Run today. Ed was checking out the situation.

Ed worked with the pruning saw and got rid of the visible part of the stump and roots.

At last we could expose the inscription enough to be able to read the full age - 32 ys 10 ms & 24 ds. The results are difficult to capture.

The addition of some chalk helps to bring out the carving. Still not satisfied, we continued dig and pry at the foundation until we can loosen the grave stone.

Success at last! And more inscription is a definite bonus!

Here you can see the uneveness of the bottom of the marker. Although all of the inscription appears to be there, it seems to have been broken at the bottom.

Here is a very clear shot of the age and inscription.     "My Christian friends both old and young, I trust you will in Christ go on. Press on and soon you'll win the prize, A crown of glory in the skies.

An added bonus is the carver's signature on this stone. That was an awesome discovery.

Here are the roots we took out along with some of the tools we used.

We decided to reset the stone so that the full age would show. We buried the part with the poetry and signature. It now stands much straighter.

Malvina Kelly's marker now stands straight and tall in its row followed by the markers of her children.